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the early years

[This is the first of a three part pictorial mini-autobiography, you’ll find the next here and the final chapter there.]

According to family legend, my mother Laura Gaede,  an aspiring young country singer, advertised for a back-up band. My father, Lynn Russwurm, answered the ad. His band was the Pine River Troubadors, so my folks became The Pine River Sweethearts.

The Pine River Sweethearts  (circa 1950s)

My parents were country music entertainers, so they both sang and played musical instruments. My Dad also wrote songs, and Mom could draw well enough to have made a living as a professional artist, but music and family were her two main loves.  Dad is still making music.

Lynda, Laurel and Lance  (1960)

I’m about 8 months old in this rare colour snapshot, pictured here with my older sister, Lynda Russwurm Glendenning Pearson, and my older brother, Lance Russwurm.

Standing at the open door of the stove, which holds my birthday cake.

My first birthday.  (1960)

I had fun transforming a black and white photo into this sepia toned and colour tinted image.  The beauty of digital image manipulation is that you work with copies, so if you make a mistake, the original is no worse off than it was when you began.  This is one of my first attempts at photo tinting.

Wearing a bunny snow suit with my mother, out doors in springtime

 (circa 1960)

With my mom, Laura Gaede Russwurm, in the front yard of my childhood home, at 88 Columbia Street in Waterloo.

Probably about four, sitting at my toy piano at Christmas

I was a one finger pianist  (circa 1960s)

An enthusiastic audience, my inclination is to listen to music, not play it.  It’s easier to type a novel with one finger than it is to play a symphony, so it’s a good thing I wanted to be a writer.  All my novels are written to music.

Sitting on the concrete front porch, my three year old sister, Liana lays her head in my lap, our sister 5 year old sister Luane sits beside

Laurel, Liana and Luane  (circa 1960s)

With a few more of my sisters, Liana Russwurm and Luane Russwurm.

Larry and Laurel

with Larry  (1969)

A good deal of my childhood was spent playing with and entertaining younger siblings, like my little brother, Larry Russwurm.  The Marx Brothers had vaudeville, I had a captive audience 🙂

circa 1970s

with Lani  (circa 1970s)

With yet another brother, Lani Russwurm.

Ours was a very creative family.  We all grew up drawing, painting, sculpting and singing… so I come by my creativity though both nature and nuture.