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[This is the second part of my pictorial mini-autobiography. You’ll find the first installment here, and the final here.]

My creative parents, Lynn and Laura Russwurm, nurtured our creativity, so visual art and music were encouraged and supported. My own creativity and my love of books and movies took me to the Sheridan College Media Arts Program.

Sheridan College Main Entrabce, circa 1982

Although the lines have since blurred, universities were designed to teach people how to think (and prepare them for academia and intellectual pursuits) while colleges existed to teach people how to do. Since I’d already learned critical thinking in high school (thanks, Mr. Ziegel!) and wanted to learn how to make films, I went to Sheridan.

Sheridan College, Media Arts (circa 1981)

Attaching a blue gel to a fresnel movie light, while a student in the 3 year Sheridan College Media Arts program.  (1981)

Using a Nagra to record sound for a student film

Using a Nagra to record sound for a student film ~ Sheridan College, Media Arts  (1982)

Cutting cardboard skyscrapers

Building the Tokyo set for “Godzilla” ~ Sheridan College, Media Arts  (1980)

After graduation I worked in various capacities on a variety of productions in the Toronto film biz including:
Trainee Film Editor • Production Assistant • Production Secretary • Production Manager.

 (circa 1980s)